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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Press Release

jazzmyne Public Relations
    January 2012
For Immediate Release
Makeda Smith
            (323) 596-1522

 Yoga Visionary NandhiAnnounces World Yoga Day™  
on February 20, 2012
with Re-Release of 

 Yoga Music Classic,
"Cave of the Siddhars"  

Santa Monica, CA - With Nandhi's announcement of World Yoga Day™, in alignment with Mahasivratri on February 20, 2012, along with the re-release of "Cave of the Siddhars," the spiritual guide will once again impact the Western world vision and view of the ancient practice of Yoga. Having spent years in the caves and wilderness as a Saddhu under the guidance of enlightened gurus, Nandhi is an ideal candidate for the universal stance he holds of peace.

With Mahasivratri occurring on February 20 this year, World Yoga Day™ provides a vehicle for seekers to acknowledge this sacred occurrence. As the objective of Yoga is tuning into one's true spirit while having a human experience, "Cave of the Siddhars" provides a beautiful sound enhancement experience for the event.

For yoga practitioners and those wanting to participate in Mahasivratri, World Yoga Day™ allows a wondrous opportunity to join millions around the world in the universal observance of this most sacred vortex of time for blessings of transformation and grace.  

For more info on World Yoga Day™/Mahasivratri go to For the activity guide for the day, log on at To experience "Cave of the Siddhars" enter at, and visit with Nandhi as he imparts his wisdom at and at

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"Dance with the Siddhars" from Cave of the Siddhars" - Turiya Nada

NOTE TO MEDIA:  Tapasyogi Kalathi Adiyen Nandhi is available for interview,

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