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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Casting Call 2

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Ugly Duckling 2.0 
excerpt from my book

I am looking for 5 people in West L.A. to play the supporting characters since I will be the heroine. This play is a work of fiction based on my life, but I believe many of you can relate to it. RSVP with your name, age and the name of the character you're auditioning for by Thursday  March 31st. Thanks.

Act Two:

It’s the first day of school and Ugly is finally going to first grade. She is shy and clings to her mom Eva because she doesn’t know anyone at the new school except her big sister. 

Eva: "Be a good girl and everything will be fine." She says to Ugly and leaves.
Amy: "You're acting like a chicken."
Teacher: “Children, you must line up with your own class and grade.”
Ugly is not in line because she wants to ask her sister something.
Amy: “Get it line, stupid!” She says, pushing Ugly away.
Teacher: “Settle down. What is the problem?”
Ugly: “I want to go home.”
Amy: “Don’t be such a baby.”
Teacher:  “Be quiet! There is no talking while you are in line.”
Ugly feels bad as she shuffles off to the back of the line. Some kids in her own class snicker and make her feel worse. Ugly throws up.

Jenny: “Are you sick?”
Ugly: “My tummy hurts.”
Mabel: “I think I’m going to be sick too.”
Teacher: “I see that we have a bit of trouble here. What’s your name?” She asks.
Ugly: “Ugly.”
Teacher: “Go get some paper towels and clean up the mess.”
Ugly nods and walks to the girls’ restroom.
Amy: “I can’t believe she’s my sister.” She says to one of her friends and Ugly can overhear her. Ugly feels ashamed and hangs her head.

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