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Sunday, January 22, 2012


#Chinese New Year

I just attended a centering, grounding, powerful group meditation guided by Darlene Basch, LCSW. I feel energized and relaxed, very similar to how I'd feel after a yoga class. So, I googled Meditation and here's what I just learned.

Studies have shown that people who meditate are much happier and healthier than everyone else. And they have extended life spans, too. As a matter of fact,  meditation can reduce and even reverse certain diseases. People who are experienced meditation and can achieve the deepest levels of meditative states can tap into levels of brain function they never thought possible -levels of function that exist in each and every one of us -resulting in increased clarity or intelligence. So, the Buddhist monks or others who have a regular meditation practice are closer to discovering the secret of life. Many of history's greatest inventors, philosophers, and scientists received their revolutionaryfuture -changing ideas during their meditation sessions. 

Why don't most of us meditate? Traditional methods of meditation often take a lot of time and effort - every single day. And it sometimes takes years, even decades, of practice before one is able to reach the deeper states of meditation required to achieve life transforming results. The learning process can also sometimes feel boring and like a chore. As with everything else, only those who are extremely dedicated, disciplined, and committed are able to attain the life -enhancing benefits that meditation has to offer. For some people yoga also seems boring or too much of a chore. Yoga like meditation has many of the same benefits and it's a good all-around exercise (cardio and strength training).

I'm excited about the Year of the Dragon. How cool is it to be celebrating the new year twice. If you made and broke a resolution to be healthy, don't feel bad and do nothing. Decide to be healthy and come to a yoga class. Just imagine what you could do if you had access to these deep levels of meditation through yoga! 

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Ingrid Cheng

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