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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Affordable Housing

End Homelessness

Housing problems can lead to:

  • Health problems — for example, when children get asthma or lead poisoning from poor housing quality or experience stunted growth due to excessive housing costs that leave too little income remaining for nutritious food. Or when individuals with AIDS cannot maintain a consistent treatment regime because they are homeless or a lack of coordination between housing and health programs forces older adults to enter nursing homes prematurely. 
  • Education problems — for example, when high housing costs force families to move from one unstable living environment to another, undermining academic stability and achievement, or when low- and moderate-income families are priced out of neighborhoods with top-quality schools.
  • Transportation, infrastructure and environmental problems. Consider the individual who moves far from his or her workplace because housing is too expensive nearby. Not only will the individual incur higher transportation costs that undermine overall affordability, but now he or she is driving longer distances, which increases traffic congestion and emissions of greenhouse gases. And it may mean we need to build more roads and other infrastructure to service a sprawling population, at great cost to the public.

Ingrid Cheng  
Author of Dream: Creating a Better World

Monday, February 27, 2012

Healthy Day

Yoga for Health

World Physical Activity Day is on April 6th, 2012. In fact many organisations around the world will be promoting physical activity and exercise throughout that whole week. How are YOU planning to help people and patients get more active, and start regularly exercising to healthier lifestyles and health outcomes?
In terms of really making a difference to peoples activity levels and health outcomes, we have found that using Twitter and Facebook are some of THE most important behaviour change tools!
We are aiming to get #getactive trending on Twitter for 6th April. So everyone please use the #getactive hashtag! Together we can make a difference to the way people and families think about exercise as a vital medicine and a great, fun way to improve their health. We are already changing the way large health organisations such as the NHS view exercise as part of every patients care pathway. We are also changing the way patients see exercise support to be THE best advice from their doctors!
  • Enjoy, regular moderate exercise, especially walking, for 30 minutes,on at least 5 days of the week. Try strength, stretching, flexibility and balance exercise twice a week. Exercise is fun and social, so choose activities that you enjoy and make you feel good!
  • On 6th April, you could organise an exercise #flashmob in your local communities or work place. Exercise is fun, and an exercise flash mob helps people get together to share in the fun, and healthy outcomes!
Exercise Works!

P.S. Join the Conscious Food Summit free at

Ingrid Cheng  
Author of Dream: Creating a Better World

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Top 10 on My List

Slow Food Event

February 27 is Occupy Our Food Supply's Social Media Day of Action!  

Top 10 People I want to connect with are:

  1. Bloggers 
  2. Change-agents
  3. Coaches
  4. Directors of non-profits
  5. Peace-makers
  6. Teachers 
  7. Conscious travelers
  8. Writers 
  9. Volunteers
  10. Media and World Leaders
It's a big list, but I'm playing a big game. We are all meant to achieve our dreams and reach our full potential. Be clear and focused about your passion and purpose. Take action daily for a higher good. My mission is to empower women to be healthy in all areas of their lives. My motto is to make a difference every day.

Step 1. Post to Facebook (Google+, LinkedIn, etc)

Join Occupy Our Food Supply on Monday, February 27! CREATE healthy food systems and RESIST corporate control of our food supply during this global day of action. Join 60+ Occupy groups and healthy food advocates Vandana Shiva, Willie Nelson, Anna and Frances Moore Lappé, Raj Patel and more—get involved at:

Step 2. Post to Twitter

#OccupyOurFoodSupply on #F27: CREATE healthy food systems. RESIST corporate control of our food supply. #ows

Step 3. Review the #F27 Occupy Our Food Supply Social Media Guide

Step 4. Look out for #F27 email
We'll send you suggested updates and tweets via email.
Ingrid Cheng
Author of Dream: Creating a Better World

Saturday, February 25, 2012



Monday, February 27
7-9 pm
Veterans Memoria lBuilding
4117 Overland (at Culver Boulevard)
Culver City, CA

COST:  $15 for general public; free for IWOSC members. Reservations are required.
Deadline noon, Monday, day of the event.  Call             (877) 799-7483       or e-mail
nfo @

Panel Discussion presented by The Independent Writers of Southern California (

The changing world of publishing has struggled with the yin and yang of traditional vs. avant garde.  Now the newer forms of publishing are gaining a foothold in an ever-increasing percentage of the market. 

Electronic publishing and POD (Print on Demand) have provided smaller publishers with low-cost alternatives and a new marketplace. The big publishers are agonizing over this, trying to cope, and playing catch-up
with the smaller concerns.

It's easier than ever to get onto the bandwagon, and even though the changes are still upon us daily, once you're in the electronic market, it is increasingly simple to upgrade to accommodate the new rules and methods and navigate the growing competition.

We will discuss the ins and outs, the methods, marketing and reasons to go electronic. And we will endeavor to keep it simple and show you a real, creative, and inexpensive way to get your word out.

IWOSC — Independent Writers of Southern California — provides writers with several opportunities to get together with other writers each month. We have casual satellite get-togethers in various areas; we have a seminar most months, and we have a general meeting that is typically a panel discussion about a writing-related topic.
Many of our members are published professionals or professional writers of other sorts, while others are working on breaking into the professional writing scene. Some write books, others write for magazines, others do public relations. If you're a writer, at any level, in any genre, we invite you to come check us out.

Ingrid Cheng
Author of Dream: Creating a Better World

Friday, February 24, 2012

Help for Insomnia

Health = Sleep

In this 8-part series at SparkPeople, you'll learn how to improve the quality and quantity of your sleep by using specific lifestyle changes. Please use this information in conjunction with the medical advice of your health care provider. Today, you'll learn about the importance of sleep.

Difficulty falling (and staying) asleep is a common problem. Nightly sleep for the average American has dropped from 10 hours (before the invention of the light bulb) to 6.9 hours, with a third of adults now getting even less than that! In fact, nearly half of all adults admit they sleep less so they can work (or play) more, according to the National Sleep Foundation (NSF).

As an important source of fuel for the body, sleep is a valuable commodity. Surprisingly, what we hear about health usually revolves around exercise and nutrition; the truth about sleep--one of the most important factors to attaining vitality--is often left out of the mix. Research shows that a perpetual lack of sleep can:

  • Undermine the body's ability to fight off disease.
  • Reduce the quality and quantity of your work
  • Mimic the symptoms of impaired glucose tolerance (which can lead to diabetes and hypertension).
  • Hinder weight loss and/or cause weight gain
  • Impair concentration
  • Cause disorientation
  • Slow down the body's reaction time
  • Increase moodiness and irritation
  • Lead to depression
Getting more sleep can help improve your well-being by reducing your risk of health problems and improving your mood. You should work closely with your doctor to develop a plan that is safe and effective for you. But the good news is that lifestyle changes, like proper nutrition, stress management, and regular exercise can improve the quality and quantity of your sleep starting tonight! 


Take Action 

Get Insomnia Support:
You're not the only one with sleeping problems. Join SparkPeople's "I Need Sleep" Team today! 

P.S. Get published.

Ingrid Cheng

Pre-Oscar Party


High Level Networking at PRE-OSCARS PARTY!

See and be seen with Hollywood's hottest for an unforgettable night!

Get in some high level networking with an upscale, sophisticated crowd,
discuss your predictions for who will win (or who will lose!),
or just have fun!

SATURDAY, February 25th, 20129:30pm - 2am"Late Night"atTHE The Beverly Wilshire Hotela chic destination in the heart of Beverly Hills9500 Wilshire Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

featuring the exotically beautiful international DJ
DJ Lady Splash
with a MOËT Step and Repeat Photo Wall!
MOËT & CHANDONfor each and every person!

Strictly enforced
RSVP via email to:jeffsviplist@mindspring.comYou must RSVP to the email above (Do NOT simply click Reply), or you will NOT be on the list!
You MUST include your FIRST and LAST namehow many GUESTS will be in your party,
and you MUST indicate the EVENT you are RSVPing for
If you do not include your FULL NAME in the BODY of the email, you will NOT be on the listYou MUST RSVP BEFORE 5pm on Saturday, February 25th

For Dinner Reservations:  Please call THE Blvd at (310) 385-3901
For Bottle Service:  please email
Tell them you were sent by Jeff Gund!

I love
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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hemp History Week


Whole Foods Market W LOS ANGELES

11666 National Boulevard, LOS ANGELES, California, 90064
Whole Foods Market celebrates Hemp History Week! Experience the benefits of hemp and show your support for American farmers who want to once again grow this versatile sustainable crop. Promotions on hemp foods and body care products from Dr. Bronners Magic Soaps Manitoba Harvest Natures Path Nutiva and Tempt May 30-June 12.

Whole Foods Market VENICE

225 Lincoln Road, VENICE, California, 90291
Whole Foods Market celebrates Hemp History Week! Experience the benefits of hemp and show your support for American farmers who want to once again grow this versatile sustainable crop. Promotions on hemp foods and body care products from Dr. Bronners Magic Soaps Manitoba Harvest Natures Path Nutiva and Tempt May 30-June 12.

Thanks Karen Lee, Capture Your Dreams Coaching and Landmark Forum!

Ingrid Cheng
Author of Dream: Creating a Better World 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Improve Happiness


1.  Be more mindful about what your money could buy. Make purchases that improve your happiness.  For many, that means spending on experiences, not things.  
2. Challenge the big house, nice car "American dream."
3. Don’t just scrimp and save. Find ways to increase your earnings
4. Rethink retirement. Instead, embrace a second or “encore” career. 

With All the Money in the World, Laura Vanderkam is showing us that we have to update and evolve that way we think about money as well.  In addition to the book, you can connect with Vanderkam on her blog, on Twitter, and on Facebook.

You are invited to the free Special Landmark evening with guest speaker who's an actress with a non-profit. She's appeared on Oprah and has a book. You should meet her. Call            (310) 642-1997            

5200 W. Century Blvd. Suite 200, L.A 90045 
Meeting tonight 7-10 pm


Ingrid Cheng
Author of Dream: Creating a Better World