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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Seed Bistro in Brentwood

On Wilshire Blvd within walking distance from my home!

I'm so excited that Seed Bistro has opened on Monday, Aug 29th! Want to share my Flickr photos with you. The menu sample is on  Here are a few examples: Paella, Flageolet cassoulet, and squash risotto. They have healing organic vegan dishes like the 3 seaweed salad and burdock kimpira approved by Sanae Suzki, co-owner of Seed Bistro You can call 310-477-7070 for details or reservation (dinner only for now). Can't wait until they start serving lunch! Will post updates on Twitter.

I love Brentwood. I can walk to most places like the bank, the Farmers Market, the public library and healthy places like Seed Bistro, an organic vegan restaurant. Executive Chef and owner, Eric Lechasseur even signed a copy of his dessert menu for me!

IngridCheng, Founder of Fit-Twist

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I Love Brentwood

A to Z Guide of Brentwood

I practiced yoga for an hour at CorePower Yoga. Feeling energized and relaxed, I visited the Brentwood Country Mart. I took photos and posted them on Flickr. I bought an Author-Illustrator Starter Kit at Diesel Bookstore and really like the store, so I went back to look at more books. I stopped by Sweet Rose creamery but they weren't open yet. I look photos of other stores and posted them on Flickr. Hope you'll join me for a Brentwood walk one day. Follow me on
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Ingrid Cheng

Sunday, August 21, 2011

I Love Brentwood & Culver City

The Help Group - Silver Lining Store
I Love Brentwood 90049 - My home & that's why I started the A-Z Guide.

Walked with my dog Sparky to the Farmers Market today. Talked to the vendors about my blog, Co-op's Birthday celebration on Tuesday 8/23 & the Good Food Fest 9/14-18. Not many vendors know about this event. I will blog about it later. Didn't have enough cash to buy the yummy dips & salsa at a stall, so went to Vincente Foods to get some groceries + cash back with my debit card. Found some organic dark chocolate covered goji berries. Bought 3 packs! Also got other healthy snacks + Himalayan pink salt. Took photos of my purchases & posted them on Flickr. I wonder why we don't have a place like the Silver Lining here (rent too high?)

Returned to Silver Lining Designer Resale store to look for more bargains, but didn't buy anything. Had a snack at a restaurant in Culver City around 4 pm before getting ready for the Laughter and Yoga class that I co-lead with Kim Selbert.This is a combination of yoga, laughter, dancing, music and fun 1-hour class with me (Yoga Teacher) and Kim (Certified Laughter Yoga Leader). Laughter & Yoga is in Dr. Oz Top Health Tips.

I blog about the Westside on my Fit-Twist Health blog at

Check back for updates.

Ingrid Cheng

Monday, August 8, 2011

Guess Where I Was Contest

After teaching a Fit-Twist yoga class on Saturday from 9-10 am at a gym close by, Kim and I went to Cafe Rivva for a Post Yoga Smoothie that we both loved. On Sunday, I returned to the Farmers Market at around 8 am. Then, went to a big fitness event nearby to check out the Expo Vendors. Took photos, enjoyed the free samples and will follow up with some of the ones that I liked. Brought my dog Sparky along, met other dog owners and had fun (Guess 2 spots correctly, get chance to win a prize!) Returned home for a light lunch and took a quick nap. Had a snack at a mall in Culver City around 4 pm before getting ready for the Laughter and Yoga class that I co-lead with Kim Selbert.This is a combination of yoga, laughter, dancing, music and fun 1-hour class with me (Yoga Teacher) and Kim (Certified Laughter Yoga Leader). Laughter & Yoga is in Dr. Oz Top 10 Health Tips.

A to Z Guide of Brentwood

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A to Z Guide to 90049

A district in western L.A. located at the base of the Santa Monica Mountains, bounded by the 405 Freeway on the east, Wilshire Boulevard on the south, the Santa Monica city limits on the southwest, the border of Topanga State Park on the west and Mulholland Drive on the north.

Brentwood Village is located where Barrington Avenue and Sunset Boulevard cross. The businesses there take pride in being independently owned and operated mainly by local families.

Brentwood Country Mart Feeling energized and relaxed after my yoga class, I visited this cute spot. It's so close to my home but I seldom go there. Took photos and posted them on Flickr. Read my other blog.

Corepower Yoga (CPY) on 11819 Wilshire Boulevard. (1 free week of yoga for new students).
Contact me now for a free consultation if you are a company with 10 employees or more but don't have a wellness program. Find out how cost effective it is to hire me.
CVS/ Pharmacy has a store on San Vincente Boulevard.

Donald Bruce Kaufman Library on 11820 San Vincente Boulevard is a nice place to hang out, read a book or volunteer. Free parking in the back through one-way alley.  

Exercise by biking, jogging, walking around Brentwood. I walk to my bank, the library and yoga classes at CPY. I also co-teach a Laughter & Yoga class every week in Venice. I will teach a Fit-Twist class if there's enough demand. RSVP to attend or indicate interest at:

Farmers Market every Sunday.

Fit-Twist, Yoga with a Twist = Get Fit Now! I want to make yoga fun by combining it with dance or laughter to empower people so they will be more proactive about their health and fitness.

Fit Fun Dogs is part of the Fit-Twist family. Daily Exercise and Good Nutrition = Fit Fun Dogs. We are a healthy online pet store and a social networking site.

Great place to live.

Hatha yoga is good for those looking to increase their flexibility and strength. My yoga classes help decrease stress and improve blood flow to make you feel energized yet relaxed at the same time. I am offering a free class to Brentwood residents.

Home to Hollywood Stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger and former home of O.J. Simpson. You may see a movie star here.

I love Brentwood.

Just say “Yes” to the A to Z Guide of Brentwood
Keep up with this online guide.

Lululemon has a store on San Vicente Boulevard.
Most of Holistic Health Club's events are free. Join us and have fun being active and fit.

Nature is an educational show by PBS. I love nature.

Open your eyes and heart to the beauty around you.
Please recycle, reduce and reuse to protect the environment.
Quit smoking or any addictive unhealthy behavior.

Rest and relax with a book or yoga class.

Stay fit and healthy.

Take care of yourself.

UV rays are harmful to your skin. Only 56% of adults are protecting their skin from the sun. Skin cancer accounts for nearly half of all cancers in the U.S. You risk of getting melanoma, a deadly form of skin cancer doubles if you ever had 5 or more sunburns.
Wear sunscreen, sun-protective clothing or seek shade.
XYZ Graphics has a beautiful image of a model in yoga pose.

Yoga is a meditative practice that revitalizes the body and mind, reducing stress while promoting health.  The goal is to achieve balance between mind and body through poses or asanas and breathing techniques.  My classes are fun to help people relax yet feel energized. "Yoga is a good complement to resistance training," Malibu Gym General Manager said. "It provides a relaxing experience..." I love yoga because it helps me be balanced mentally and physically.
Zero (no cost to you). Support my A to Z Guide with a small donation. Sponsor my guide for $100 a year as a business. I'll come take photos and review your store/ restaurant. I will also give a copy of this guide to local 2 tour companies that go through Brentwood. Special 10% discount for WLACC members. Contact me for a free consultation now. Thank you.

Fit-Twist, Yoga with a Twist

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