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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Effective Coaching = Rapid Transformations

I Love San Francisco!

Limbic Coaching™ is a highly effective short-term coaching tool for facilitating rapid transformations in individuals who want to get optimal results and be prepared for any challenge. This innovative method is the preferred technique to address all areas in life that are connected with stressful memories of past experiences and/or unhelpful emotions regarding future events that impact your clients’ sense of well-being and accomplishment.
Limbic Coaching™ is based on logic, science, and common sense and combines a variety of well-proven methods: “Awake REM”, a muscle response test, and elements from NLP and Solution Focused Communication.

Stress-triggers and mental blocks that keep us from being where we want to be are created and stored in the ancient emotional/non-verbal part of our brain—our limbic system. This part of our brain also triggers emotional responses and our fight or flight instinct and is not accessible through language. This is why addressing issues with our rationale, logic and by talking about them to others or to ourselves is not always successful if the issues were triggered in the limbic system. It’s like working with the fire extinguisher on the 3rd floor to douse a fire on the 1st floor. What makes Limbic Coaching™ unique is the way it works with our limbic system and resolves any type of hidden and obvious stress triggers and mental blocks. The limbic system is not accessible through language, but it is through “awake REM” and other ways of bilateral brain hemisphere stimulation.

By combining for the first time “muscle feedback” and “awake REM”, Limbic Coaching™ brings about lasting results in very few coaching sessions. Limbic Coaching™ is an additional tool in the toolbox of coaches who want to distinguish their coaching practice and help their clients overcome obstacles on the way to their goals as well as increase their sense of well-being in very few coaching sessions. This technique can be learned in a 4 day educational seminar.

Limbic Coaching™ certification classes are scheduled to take place in Palo Alto, CA Feb 9-12, Mar 15-18, Apr 26-29, June 14-17. For more information, go to

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