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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Improve Happiness


1.  Be more mindful about what your money could buy. Make purchases that improve your happiness.  For many, that means spending on experiences, not things.  
2. Challenge the big house, nice car "American dream."
3. Don’t just scrimp and save. Find ways to increase your earnings
4. Rethink retirement. Instead, embrace a second or “encore” career. 

With All the Money in the World, Laura Vanderkam is showing us that we have to update and evolve that way we think about money as well.  In addition to the book, you can connect with Vanderkam on her blog, on Twitter, and on Facebook.

You are invited to the free Special Landmark evening with guest speaker who's an actress with a non-profit. She's appeared on Oprah and has a book. You should meet her. Call            (310) 642-1997            

5200 W. Century Blvd. Suite 200, L.A 90045 
Meeting tonight 7-10 pm


Ingrid Cheng
Author of Dream: Creating a Better World 

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