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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Powerful Language


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This is the power of language or words. When I realized that I can use this power to transform my mind and myself, I empowered myself to be free from my past so that I have space to create whatever I want. 

Freedom is so important to me. I felt like a dreamer, a misfit who couldn’t be practical or real because of what happened to me when I was a child. My life before writing this book wasn’t working because of my past. I didn’t feel free to fully express myself. The little girl inside me was so hurt by the verbal abuse that happened in the past that she wouldn’t come out to play. My big sister thinks that I have mild autism or something's wrong with me and I brushed it off! I think she’s impatient, judgmental and not righteous (by always insisting to be right). Does she care about what I think? No. Do I let her opinions bother me? No. I declare that at this very moment, from this point on, forever and always, I am being untouchable by others opinions, not even my big sister’s!

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