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Sunday, August 21, 2011

I Love Brentwood & Culver City

The Help Group - Silver Lining Store
I Love Brentwood 90049 - My home & that's why I started the A-Z Guide.

Walked with my dog Sparky to the Farmers Market today. Talked to the vendors about my blog, Co-op's Birthday celebration on Tuesday 8/23 & the Good Food Fest 9/14-18. Not many vendors know about this event. I will blog about it later. Didn't have enough cash to buy the yummy dips & salsa at a stall, so went to Vincente Foods to get some groceries + cash back with my debit card. Found some organic dark chocolate covered goji berries. Bought 3 packs! Also got other healthy snacks + Himalayan pink salt. Took photos of my purchases & posted them on Flickr. I wonder why we don't have a place like the Silver Lining here (rent too high?)

Returned to Silver Lining Designer Resale store to look for more bargains, but didn't buy anything. Had a snack at a restaurant in Culver City around 4 pm before getting ready for the Laughter and Yoga class that I co-lead with Kim Selbert.This is a combination of yoga, laughter, dancing, music and fun 1-hour class with me (Yoga Teacher) and Kim (Certified Laughter Yoga Leader). Laughter & Yoga is in Dr. Oz Top Health Tips.

I blog about the Westside on my Fit-Twist Health blog at

Check back for updates.

Ingrid Cheng

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