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Friday, March 2, 2012

Intercultural Respect

I Love Hostels!

HI's 7th Annual IOU Respect Program in Chicago

Hostelling International (HI-USA) is proud to announce that they are hosting Hostelling International's 7th Annual IOU Respect program this summer. Each year, HI-USA partners with our sister HI associations in Egypt, France, Germany, Morocco, and Tunisia to provide this meaningful international exchange experience to young people between the ages of 18-23. The program prioritizes dialogue and interactive learning opportunities to bridge cultural divides and increase understanding and respect in its participants. 

IOU Respect will take place from July 8-20 in Chicago. Information about the program is posted here (choose "International Exchanges"). 

Please spread the word! We are looking for applicants! 
The deadline for applications is March 20th.
IOU Respect is free for participants, apart from transportation to/from Chicago. You're welcome to use the language below for outreach via email. If you have questions about IOU Respect, or would like the program flyer for posting in your community, please contact Megan Johnson, Education Coordinator at HI-Chicago. Direct:             312-583-2221       

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Ingrid Cheng
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