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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Free to Breathe Event

Yoga Changed My Life

Los Angeles, CA - March 25, 2012

Team Yoga Blend
Yoga does many things for us: It enriches our body, nourishes our mind, opens our heart, and helps us breathe deeper. Yet for those struggling with lung cancer, something as simple & natural as breathing is a luxury, a challenge, and eventually, an impossibility. Helping those affected by lung cancer is a high priority and we need your support to make a difference.

The Yoga Blend community is coming together once again to use our yoga practice for a cause: to raise awareness of the disease and garner much-needed funding for vital research. 

Please support our efforts by making a donation: It is simple, fast and totally secure. Come join us as part of TEAM YOGA BLEND!

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$100 raised Felicia Wong
Kristin Arzt
Ingrid Cheng
Debbie Smith

Ingrid Cheng

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