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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Yoga Life Lessons

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Yoga has many physical and mental benefits because it is a mind-body exercise that aims to connect us to our higher selves. In this hectic world, most of us don't have the energy or time to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Most of us put our health as risk because we rely on our readily available drugs and doctors to treat us when we don't feel good or get sick. Many women overeat when they're depressed or stressed. Bad diet and stress lead to more ailments. Studies show a strong link between unhealthy habits and coronary artery diseases, cancer, etc. In this book, I will share the simple yoga life lessons I have learned in my journey to become a yoga teacher. The purpose of this book is to empower and inspire you to take small steps daily to be well in all areas of your life. When we connect with our higher selves and listen to our inner wisdom, we learn to love ourselves and realize that being healthier inside out is the key to happiness. 

This book is designed to provide information to help you eat better, be more physically active and be well in all areas of your life.

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