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Friday, October 28, 2011

Marketing Tips

Try “Top Of Mind Awareness” or small display advertisements

Message + Offer + Call-to-Action = The Perfect Prospecting Ad
After making the case for your product, service and business, you ask the prospect to make a purchase. What teasers could you use that will remind people of what you offer and continue to spark new inquiries? Make Specific Offers in Your Display Advertisements.
(Offer a free scholarship for your workshop)
• List Benefits of registering 
• Why you’re considered to be an expert in the area you’ll be covering at the workshop
• Testimonials from people who have benefitted from working with you
• Bullet points of what attendees will learn
• Details on any information packet or workbook they’ll receive (including its value)
• The price of the preview workshop (if any)
• Date, time and location
• Limited number of seats 
• Call-to-action such as "Click to register and be automatically entered into the contest"

Negotiate Joint Ventures to Help Fill Your Preview Event
Use Radio Shows and Free On-Air Ticket Giveaways

Opening Paragraph:

Features & Benefits
(Rank each benefit in order of importance to the customer.)
Feature of product/service being advertised and benefit customer would receive 

Your company’s Customer Benefit Statement (to be included in the package):
Call-to-action: (What is the desired response?)
Announcement: For more information about...please contact us.

1. Nurture past buyers and maintain a positive customer relationship through communications
2. Promote new and existing products and services to past buyers with unique offers
3. Sell more products to them (offer a discount)

Customers want product knowledge, recognition, respect, reliability, service, friendship, help...

Ask for Customers Referrals and Testimonials (Prepare with materials that your contacts, customers, friends can use to promote you:

Name of customer ______________________________ City ______________________

3 people who may benefit from your product/ service

Include Photos!

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